Virginia Cancer Screening Research Network

The Cancer Screening Research Network (CSRN) is a national initiative to better understand and evaluate new cancer screening and preventive technologies as they emerge.

Improving cancer screening and early detection

While cancer screening remains the most effective method of early detection, there are currently only five screenable cancers — breast, prostate, lung, colorectal and cervical cancer. The National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, established the Cancer Screening Research Network (CSRN) to understand the viability of emerging cancer screening technologies. Together, Virginia Commonwealth University, Inova and Sentara Health are one of nine national CSRN sites leading activation and enrollment for preventive care clinical trials in the region.

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Virginia Cancer Screening Research Network

Virginia Cancer Screening Research Network

Through an extensive network of academic health systems, medical schools and primary care practices, the Virginia CSRN serves the Commonwealth and surrounding region.
Physician & Community Resources

Physician & Community Resources

The Virginia CSRN provides up-to-date information on enrolling sites and trial opportunities while serving as a central resource for physicians and patients.
National Media & News Coverage

National Media & News Coverage

Explore the latest CSRN media hits and news updates as studies are developed and activated, including regional studies through the Virginia CSRN.

CSRN Goals


We are part of a national effort to stop cancer before it starts by conducting trials and studies that systematically evaluate emerging technologies for the purpose of cancer screening.

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Rising incidence

As cancer rates rise, more effective methods of early detection and screening will enable diagnosis of cancers at more treatable stages.

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Emerging technology

New screening modalities are being developed, which will require a greater level of coordination for evaluation through clinical trials.

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Promoting diversity

Minorities and marginalized populations are disproportionately affected by cancer, yet have been historically underrepresented in clinical trials.

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Informing policy

The CSRN aims to create a national infrastructure to design and activate new studies focused on preventive care.